Sunday, April 1, 2012

OOTD - ASOS coral

What I wore :
ASOS Curve top with dip back - sold out 
Denim Shorts - from South - Last summer item
Arabic Scarf from the 90's! So we call it vintage
Socks - home made by my mother in law
Sneakers - from Graceland - last summer item
Mule Bag - from smilende suzie - from the 90's

The top is unfortunately sold out but they have them in a similar version but with longer sleeves and in the colors blue and grey. I have this top in black, coral and a light blue version and they are SO comfortable to wear and can be worn down or dressed up.

I bought a pair of cute owl knee socks that I am going to pair with my light blue top. But this could  be worn with the gray top too. And the socks are on sale right now - score! I used to hate it when people wore socks with sandals or strappy shoes but I am starting too like the look more and more.

Link to the ASOS Owl socks.

Until the next time - stay happy!
- Karina

forgot to mention that the black tights are from Evans. They are pretty share but I like that, they have enough color to hide the little bruises I have left from the car accident. They were cheap too, 3 for something. Don't remember, I bought the for my office Christmas party in December - I just checked they are still available. 

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