Sunday, April 15, 2012


Dress/Tunic - Secondhand - from South 
Black tights - from Evans
Black cardigan - from H&M+
White belt from Torrid (old stock)
Black boots from eBay

So I friend called me at almost midnight and asked if we should go out for a beer and I felt like dressing a little bit up. I bought this polka dot tunic at a secondhand store a couple of weeks ago and never got around to using it. 

My hair is finally growing and I can almost fit it all into a ponytail. I CAN'T wait until it get to a length where I can curl it and style it. I have been thinking about coloring it some crazy color. I am actually in love with the faded coloring hairstyle that's going on right now but I have to wait until after my boyfriends 30th birthday in July - we are having family photos taken with our families and I think I may regret having pink faded hair in the photos :)

See you around!

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