Tuesday, April 17, 2012

plus size cartoon tights

I bought these tights of a eBay seller named stockingtopsuk.  The seller has a lot of different, cute and wild tights in plus sizes from UK 8 to UK 32. The ones I bought are a size 28-32 and I recommend to size up. I have experienced before (more than once) that the cheaper leggings and tights run smaller in size. They were 8£ and overseas shipping was 1,69£. This is probably not that cheap everywhere in the world but where I live I pay about 17£ for a pair of plus size tight and they come in standard color ; black or brown. And I like funky print and colors - they make me happy! The only downside to these tights is that they have a low rise but they stretch a lot.

The shipping was actually great it took a little more than a week for the tights to arrive and that's fast shipping for what I am used to. When I order from ASOS it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for my items to arrive.

Below are a couple of different tights in the plus size range.
That was all for this time and until next time - stay happy!



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