Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finding my way back

So I have been major AWOL for over a year - I think it's because I fell in too a depression and it's hard enough too even function on a daily and normal base. But I tried too take some OOTD photos but never posted them. I felt too guilty not being here more regularly.  But I am back and I am fit for fight!

What was my depression about? Last year was the 20th anniversary since my big brother passed away - he got drunk and stole a car that he wrecked and died in. I was only 9 at the time and never really worked on my feelings and emotions regarding the loss of him. And it has been building up too the point where I couldn't function as me but just went on autopilot. I will have too post a photo of him soon - he was a heart-breaker, a really cutie.

But here are some photos of all the looks I have had this year. I've been better at wearing colorful makeup on even a daily base. I have in the middle of all the photos given myself a side cut, not too extreme so I could hide it if I wanted. And too months ago I went too the hairdresser and I asked if she could clean the lines of the cut up and she went cray-cray on me and shaved half of my head. The first photo on the 4th row - I have no idea how too save it, the last photo in the 3rd row was taken the day before the hair cut and I actually like that hair better - well it's hair, it grows back. 

I've had some crazy colors in my hair too. I know - I am turning 30 in a little more than a month and I have too grow up a little.

So What else is new? I got another tattoo - it was done by a local tattoo artist but it's a sketch by Rick Lee. I wanted something with a frame and a deer and I love it!

Shirt - New Look - back in stock now
Tights - We Love Colors
Skirt - New Look - 2012 
Necklace - H&M 2012

Skirt - Asos Curve
Top - Vera Moda XL
Belt - Torrid
Shirt - Asos Curve "classic"

The nailpolish is from MATAS - those small nailpolish bottles
Jacket - 2nd hand from ebay
Scarf - Vera Moda 
Sweater - H&M a wide XL
Jeans - some old pair I've had for years

first photo - me and my hubbie, Sofus
Dress - Asos Curve
Jacket - H&M BiB or +
Leggings - Asos Curve

The last photo is of my husband again
it's the outfit he wore the day we got married. I
don't have a photo of my OOTD on my phone. I will
have too look throw his photos on his phone.
The rest are just photos of what I have been doing this year. I've tried too get out with my friends and have tried too have some good old fun. I've tried too get into a creative mood again and create thing, even If it only was some simple home DIY.
Halloween 2012

a painting / lamp I made with help from my husband

1st photo - star lamp I bought from eBay
2nd photo - my in a purple Asos Curve dress talkin' too friends

A old coffee table got a face lift and some colors

 I had a big bang dinner party for some friends on halloween

 1st - a thrifted photo I painted the frame - and etsy hello + bird
2nd photo - watercolor peacock bird I made
Lion head and old frame I put together - I am not sure 
if I like it like this or it need a little "umpf"

a watercolor photo of the Faroe Islands nature

silly photo from the Big Bang Night

My dog trying too cheer me on a bad day

A make up look I did for a competition my local Make Up Store had
and I won - we were 5 winners *yeah!*

This is all for now dear reader - but I think I may have gone photo crazy for this blog post. But I prommise I will be better of posting more often. Maybe starting some weekly post so I have a deadline to stick too. Get sum struktur back in my life.


Saturday, June 30, 2012

I got married!

I got married! We (me and my HUSBAND Sofus) surprised my parents and his parents. Told them we were going out too eat and drove to rectory and got married. I had my aunts as a witness and he had a friend. After the ceremony we treated them to a dinner and cake. My aunt started crying the second she saw the priest. I will be back later with a OOTD. And sorry for not being around and posting more lately. Just been crazy trying to get the house ready for people and the surprise wedding.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Hippie ispired OOTD

I think that this outfit looks like it's a bit hippie inspired - Feel all I am missing are knee high socks and flowers in my hair. I bought the dress from a blog sale from Rikke/StickySweetDane. And I feel in love with it straight away! But even tough I like wearing bright colors I had problems getting around wearing this dress. I originally wanted to wear this dress with leopard printed tights but of course they tore when I was putting them one. So I had a quick accessories and tights change. 

IGNORE the horrible windy photos in the beginning. I just wanted to give you a better lighting quality and photo quality but we still have wind and rain - in all sh*tty weather. SO I tried retaking them when I got home but you can see the wrinkles from sitting down.

 What I Wore :
Dress - from ASOS Curve / bought it from a blogsale
Tights - from Evans
Vest - from New Look Inspire
Feather Earrings - from ebay
Silver Belt - from ASOS Curve

*I found the earring by using the search words long black feather earrings*

I wore this dress to a girls night dinner party at a friends - we have this tradition that once a month we take turns hosting a dinner party with theme - this girl choose "Gossip Girl". I didn't go all out like I like too do but I felt like a lady so kinda gossip girl like. I am thinking about having a "big bang theory" theme - we have to make the food fit in to your theme - I have only so far figured out that I want to make cheese cake for dessert since Penny works at the cheese factory. And serve drinks in those chemistry looking tubes. Other then than I am still blank, but I have almost 2 months before it's my turn!

What else is new? We (me and my boyfriend) are remodeling! We on of your living rooms done, so we only have the kitchen, 2 bathrooms and the washing room to do. And everything sounds so easy UNTIL you get started! Just painting the doors with, they are natural wood but have gotten so dark with time and I wanted everything to be light, so we painted them with. And one door needs 2 coats of primer and one with paint and the door has too dry for 2 days between coats - and this is just one side! And I have 6 doors left. Thank God I have vacation coming up!

Well enough ranting for now!
Hope everyone is doing well and since we still don't have any sunshine, feel free and send some too me!