Monday, October 17, 2011

OOTD - Grey Minnie

Hi guys and dolls :)

So I woke up this morning and we had snow - it's gone now but it's that cold outside and I don't feel like dressing in nice dresses and cute outfits. I feel like putting on all the clothes I own! But I tried my best to put together a cute casual comfy outfit to show you. 

What I Wore :

Grey boots from Atmosphere, size UK8 - bought last winter
Black/Grey striped draped cardigan - from New Look Inspire (got it off eBay)
Grey Minnie Mouse t shirt - from Yours Clothing - may still be in stock!
Blue jeggings - from H&M BiB - still for sale on the webpage
Black scarf - from Vera Moda 

As I've written before I have a couple days off and I don't know what to do with myself - and this is day one. I keep telling myself to remember to sign off wishing everyone a good weekend. That's what this feel like - a looooonnnng weekend :) But weekend are super nice so I wont complain anymore. I am living you with a song this time. It's been driving me crazy, I love the song - so regret watching the video - I now see in my mind the guys junk whenever I hear the song on the radio. If you've seen the video you know what I mean! 

Have fun!

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