Sunday, January 8, 2012

OOTD - Blue Pants... again!

What I wore :
Leopard cardigan - Simply be - old
Blue pants - ASOS Curve - sold out
Black tank top - H&M - old
Black flat shoes - Atmosphere

So I decided to stay in today - the snow has finally gone away but now we have non stop rain. I actually think I like the snow better. But that's what I get for complaining. But that it's okay, I got to spend the day with my boyfriend and pets (I have a a cat and a dog, If I haven't mention it before).

I decided to try my cobalt blue pants from ASOS again. I think I kinda lot my joy from them after seeing the photos I took for a OOTD post back in October - Link to the October OOTD post - I feel like I am trying to hard to hide myself in the photos - therefor the remake or second OOTD with the blue pants. I know - more blue! :)

Excuse the bad lighting - we have about 4 to 6 hours of daylight this time of year and I never seem to be able to take photos at the right time. SO I give you super blitz/flash, red skin and shiny blue pants! But still I like the casual feel to this outfit - the pants aren't hidden away with layers of tank tops and I am shoving more of a figure rather than a pile of clothes. 

Which outfit do you like better - this one or the one from October?


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