Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ASOS CURVE Wrap Dress With Button Waist

So I bought this dress from ASOS a couple a weeks ago and must say that this is the first item I've returned. The dress looks so good on the model - both in still pictures and on the runway movie. But when I tried it on it felt straight away as a nurse or dental assistant uniform - it didn't have the best fit for my apple shaped body. and the sleeves with their little puff on the top and they were to wide for my taste. I carry most of my weight on my waist and have skinny legs and arms.
The fabric was great though and the color of the dress is great. Stretchy and soft but you can tell my the feel to it that it will survive being washed and still come out like almost new. I ordered it in black and it was a true raven black color.

Well that's about it. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this dress if someone was thinking about googeling it. I will be back in the weekend with some OOTD for you. And I just got the news from my work place that they will be changing our work uniform so I have to show you photos of my uniform - both old and new. I keep saying to myself I will do it next week but never get around too it. Maybe it's because I think that our uniform suck! =0)

Well - have a nice week everyone!

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