Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lost in Rain!

I feel so uninspired lately - we keep having snow, snow, rain, storm aaannnd more rain. I don't mind rain every now and then. And snow in the winter time! I just wish we would have nice weather were I could wear something nice instead of a snow suit. So I decided too rebel against the weather and wear colors! And I am wearing the ASOS CURVE Pencil Skirt In Colourblock Stripe. I bought it in a size larger then I usual wear I know its a pencil skirt but I don't like that it's so tight that it shows of all my bumps. I was debating a long time with myself whether to keep it or return it.But decided to keep it - I will make it work!

What I Wore :
Black tights from
Skirt from ASOS Curve
Black top from ASOS Curve
White belt from eBay
Green cardigan from H&M (in stock)

Nail polish :
Chicaboomboom from H&M (in stock)

Makeup :
It's all from the 120 eyeshadow palette you can order from eBay
Black eyeliner and black mascara

** UPDATE 13-03-2012
I forgot to mention that with the skirt you get this super cute bright green skinny belt. It's the one that on the photo of the skirt and the skirt too has loop holes on the side to secure the belt and make sure that the belt doesn't move too much around.

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