Saturday, September 24, 2011

My dream outfit - September 2011

Red Gaga dress - Yours Clothing - 22 £
Black/White Tights - Yours Clothing - 8 £
Black Gloves - Yours Clothing - 8 £
Black Waist Belt - Yours Clothing - 10 £
Multi Punk Bangles - eBay - 4,84 £
Black Ankle Boots - eBay - 22,98 £

So I was on a group forum for plus size girls trying to buy fashionable clothes. And a girl was talking about the GAGA dress from yours clothing. I asked her for a link since I didn't know what dress they were chatting about and she showed me this beautiful red dress and I straight way thought about one of the dresses shown in season 7 of project runway. I feel in love with the look as soon as the model stared to walk down the runway.
I have before bought red dresses. 3 times before to be exacted. The first one I sold on eBay, the second one I gave away to a friend and the 3rd one is still hanging in my closet unused. It's from Evans - I ordered it from online, tried it on and didn't really love the way it fit. I think I am going to order the dress, tights and belt and wear the outfit! What do you think?


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