Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today is the European version of Halloween..

... and in my country it's called Føstulávint - if you feel like trying to pronounce it, it goes a little something like this : Foe - stue - laa - vint. Good luck! 

I haven't bought anything for a costume! dumba** me. And we are having a party at my workplace where everyone is going to show up dressed. And I am the only girl so I feel a little like I have too dress up since all the boys are - you know. Show them we women ARE better. But I have black wings from last year. And I am thinking about doing a fallen angel look. I will post pictures tomorrow from the party. I have no pictures too show you too day. I know, I know.. Major Blogging Fail! But since I have a work uniform I don't wear my normal clothes as much. I will show you next week what my two different work uniforms look like. For too day I will leave you with two youtube videos of me doing my MOTD - Makeup Of The Day. 

Have a nice Saturday!

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