Sunday, March 6, 2011

My costume from last night

I woke up this morning feeling actually great! That's weird considering how much beer I drank last night. But I wont complain about that! We had a lot of fun last night. Everyone showed up dressed - and I was wayyy under dressed. The boys went all out this time even my boss shaved his hair into a Mohawk.

Ignore the second photo! I have no idea what weirdo me is up to! I wore a black linen tunic from South and tights from Evans. I didn't feel like wearing a mask for the whole night so I youtube search dark makeup and came across Miss Chievous video of dark Halloween makeup. Check out her channel here : I already had a pair of black wings and pair all that with my Evans boots that I wore in the Sunday Brunch blog post. Next time I am so going to plan better what I want to wear and maybe get some stuff of eBay. OH yeah!  I meet a girl that was dressed as a Avatar - she was blue all over and she used 8 hours for just the blue paint. She also had a brown linen dress that she made herself. I was impressed by all the creativity last night.


Now I am going to pull my behind out of bed and get dressed and find my way into the city to buy some junk food and catch a movie. Have fun everyone!


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