Sunday, March 27, 2011

ohh the drama and the pain..

I tried to be one of the boys and lift to heavy at work a couple of days ago and I have been in pain since! So I have been away from the blog for a while. But I have a photo post today *YEAH me!* Me and my boyfriend decided to eat out today. The sun was shining and we didn't feel like staying home, so we went for a drive to the city and a walk, we ate some Chinese food and bought a DVD.

This is me ;o) I am wearing a old military style jacket from Torrid. I bought mine from eBay. It's a US size 22/24 - it's a bit big and has a lot of stretch to it. It's prob. about 3 years old. It's from when I just discoverd that there is a world of plus size colthing online and the joy of shopping! Thank God and the banks for VISA. Please don't notice my not at all cute hair. I have had the total bad hair year! But I have a date with my hairdresser next week and I still have no ide what I want to do! I feel like getting it cut short and wild. Something fun! I've had long hair for years now and feel like a change is needed. But I am afraid it will make my face look even more heavy! But that's what the hairdresser is there for, right? Well lets hope so...

I am also wearing a white t-shirt from Vera Moda, it's a size XL. I has super short sleeves so I don't like wearing it with out a jacket or a cardigan since I have my arms. It's not because they are big, my arms are actually firm since I do a lot of lifting, it's just because I am so pale and large, I never get any color from the sun. I always just burn and turn red. But I have a tattoo design in my head and I am going to go to the local tattoo artist here and talk to him this summer. I want color and fun design.

I paired the jacket and tshirt with a pair of baggy jeans from Zizzi - I think the designer is Jay or Zay... I never remember. Sorry for the pictures being so dark. I bought a tripod now so I dont have to make my boyfriend take photos. The black blob in the photo is my cat "Joey" after the caracter from Friends. They are both really happy for food. I am also wearing to cheap braclets, one red and one orange and a pair of sneakers I also bought from ebay. They are the brand Graceland and can be found at stores like Deichman. That's all I have to share with you for now.

See you all soon....!
(maybe I'll have shorter hair! *SQUEEEK*)


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