Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday brunch

So my boyfriend made it up to me to day and took me out for brunch in the city. We just got the traditional brunch with bread rolls, egg, bacon, chees and all that jazz! It was jummie! The only downside was there were A LOT of kids running around like crazy! Don't get me wrong, I like kids but the brunch place could have done a little more planning - there was a chocolate fountain with marshmallow = a lot of sugar hyped kids. We got some great chocolate cake and mixed berry pie for desert. 2 x jummie! We then decided to go for a walk in the park and visit my parents after. My parents weren't home so we just played a little with my fathers German Sheppard named Tór. And drove back home. The walk in the park was nice - my boyfriend is what is considered normal size and I'm a bigger plus size. When we were walking' around he got out of breath fast while I didn't have any problems. In his job he sit a lot and works with computers while I work in a store and do a lot of lifting and walking around. The right size isn't always healthy. I know I could be better too my body and I am trying. Just haven't found the right motivation for loosing weight. I decided I would start loving who I am now instead of putting myself down all the time. 

I am wearing a black and white rose print tunic from Evans that I bought from eBay. I don't know how I really feel about it. I loved it on the ebay doll. But on me I think it only make me look bigger. I don't know if it's the big contrast print or something else. But next time I think I will be wearing a belt or a vest. I am also wearing some plain black legging I bought from Torrid. The boots are from Evans - but I bought them from ebay. They are still for sale on ebay - Just write "Evans Black Flat Boots" in the search engine. I think I paid about 18 £ for mine. The jacket is thrifted.

For accessories I am wearing a brown, a red and a orange bangle. The earrings are red buttons that I superglue some DIY silver studs too. I am also wearing one of these cheap silicon watches that I bought from a street sale for 10£.

I will link my youtube videos too this channel sometime in this week so you can see what I've done for hair and makeup. It's nothing fancy. I need a haircut desperately but I dont know If I should cut it all off! Or just keep it long. I've had long hair for a while. And it's so boring most of the time I just keep it in a ponytail. I want to cut it short and in the back kind of have it like a bob haircut but keep my bangs long so when I feel a little punkish like I was born I can make it into a faux hawk. I don't know - what do you think? I don't care that much about my hair as long as it's there. I've had it pink, I've had black hair - orange from bleaching it back to blond. And sometimes I've shaved it all off just because. I think I will try to call my hairdresser sometime this week - You never know if I will have a new hairdo next time I post a blog

Anyways I leave you blog world with a ultra cute photo of my parents dog. If you wondering about the face he has in this picture it's because I was trying to get him too look at the camera and in order too do that I made a super high squeaky sound


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  1. what a cute blog u have miss discoball! and ure looking awesome with ure blazer! work it girl! ;-)