Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Say "Hello" to the newbie!

Hello! *waving nervously* 

I'm new to this whole blogging world, so please excuse me while I get it try not to mess this up too bad! I'm Karina with an K, I am a Faroese living in The Faroe Islands - imagine that!

I'm starting this blog because I love fashion, clothes and style, makeup. I'm hoping that with this blog I will meet other fatshion bloggers and readers - or actully just fashion lovers in all sizes and ages. I <3 meeting new people! And HOPEfully some one will read this blof and I want be as pathetic as Spose in I'm Awesome ; "and i talk to myself, on my facebook wall". Well... this is Blogger not Facebook anywayz - Did I meantion I ramble sometimes? I will be posting some OOTD's in the weekend - for the time being here is a picture of me and my red face.

Sending you pure fashion love, 

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