Saturday, February 26, 2011

Date night ended with a drunk call on Skype

Well by the title you can kinda guess what happen. I was getting dressed - ready for a date night with my boyfriend when we got a call on skype from two friends in Denmark, who were drinking. Well 4 hours later - the movie had started and ended and my boyfriend was sleeping. So I decided to blog a little and create a blog banner for my blog. I also uploaded a video to YouTube - It's just a video where I do my makeup and set my hair. Gettin' ready for a night out with my sweatheart - that ended in fail!

The pink top is a bright pink top from Vera Moda it's a European size XL. The black cardigan is also from Vera Moda and is also a size XL. The cardigan is a sheer wool material. It's OLD! And one of my favourite cardigans to wear. The black belt is a belt that came with a black skirt I bought from Yours Clothing. The neclace is from - again - Vera Moda and is a gold chain with a gold swallow and a bigger black swallow. I dont shop that much at Vera Moda since they only have clothes up to a EU size 44 and I am a size 52. But they have a line called basic where the tops come in 3 different lenghts - yeah for apple shapes like me! Most tops end upp as short tube tops because I am wide and tall!

The skirt is from simply be and is multipul layers of ruffel. I choose not to wear tights or leggings this time since I had nice and shaved leggs *giggles!* I dont mind showing off my legs - The flat pumps are from Ellos and I have had them since 2005. They were cheap! So cheap I got them in bright red and cobalt blue too. I like shopping at Ellos - you just have too be carefull - some of there items are sometime made of crappy material so after two washes it can look like something you have had for years. But they have great shipping and returning service.

I am wearing a silver butterfly ring from H&M, it's about 2 to 3 years old. The orange ring is from eBay. I buy a lot of jewelry from eBay and from H&M - I lose my jewelry a lot so I don't spend a lot of money on expensive jewelry. The bangles are also from H&M they are from last summer and all belong together - it was a set of 12 different bangles. That's all I have to say about my outfitt for tonight I will try to post two outfitts a week. I work in a store and wear a uniform daily. So I don't get to wear som many cute outfitts as I want too.  

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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