Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sunshine!!

It's finally summertime! =) I wore a dress out in public and with no dance to go too! That's first one for me. I've worn skirt or long dresses, but never that was that short. But I have made a deal with myself to try clothes I want to wear but never have the bravery too do. This is me and my boyfriend. I made him go for a walk since the sun was shining. Poor thing! You should have heard him. I think there have to be more walk for us two in the future! I wore as little accessories as possible. I hoped to get some color from the sun, but no! Even though my skin is fair I never get any color. But never mind. I am used to being pale.

What I Wore : 

Purple Dress - South, size UK 24
Black Cardigan - Vera Moda, size XL
Black Tights - Evans, size 2
White Sunglasses - eBay Unisex Ski glasses
Shoes - Graceland, Size 40 
Ring, Lucky Brand
Bracelets, all from H&M - some are over 4 years old.
And on my nails I have a combination of these nail polishes



  1. Thanks for you lovely comment! I see you blog is still quite new, good luck and have lots of fun! You have a really cute style.

  2. Hey Katrin :) Thanks for the advice and the follow, mean a lot to me!

  3. You look really cute! What a lovely place to explore. Looks beautiful :)

  4. LOVE that purple dress! So simple but so chic!