Saturday, April 23, 2011

old friends meet again...

So last night I went to a party at a old friend of mine. The people at the party were just people that used to hang out together 10 years ago but with time have lost the daily contact. It was nice! Weird seeing everybody so grown up! But I must admit I have a bit of a hang over today so this is a short blog post.
What I wore :
Black Cardigan - H&M BiB, size XL
White T-shirt with print - H&M BiB, size XL
Jeans Shorts - Ebay, size UK 22
Purple tights - Evans, size 2
Shoes - Graceland, size EU 40

I wore my favorite rings - the swirl one I actually found on the street a couple of years ago and I love it! The butterfly one is from H&M and a size L. And some random news - I won this dress on ebay while writing this blogpost! *SQUEEEK* sound of happiness! I was too late to buy it when it was on sale at ASOS Curve. I want to wear it with some lime green tights and a black short cardigan... Can't wait until I get it in the mail!

Happy Weekend Fashion Lovers

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