Friday, May 6, 2011

I am so blue!

Well no I am not down or stressed .... I am JUST writing my final assignment  to finish my education as a sales assistant. I've been writing for 4 days with out a stop and my cute boyfriend came home orderd me to dress in something other than pj's and take a break from the writing.

We went to our local pizza store nothing fancy more relaxing and it was perfect. After dinner we stoped by my parents house and somehow we ended up saying yes to help paint their house on Saturday - this is one of those times I would actually hope for rain not that I don't want to help. But I just want my assignment to be as perfect as possible. Anyways I have to make this short so I can go back to my writing. The exam is on the 27th in this month - and I am so nervous!

Cardigan - H&M, blue size XL
Top - No Name, size 20
Shorts - New Look, denim size 22
Tights - Evans, black size 2
Shoes - Graceland, black/white size 7

I realized I hate my chicken legs! Mission - Find a better fitting pair of shorts!
Love, Karina


  1. I bet you will do great! sometimes you gotta take a break so you can come back fresh and able to think clearly! you can do it!

  2. Thanks Dawn :) I will be thinking happy thoughts and crossing my fingers!