Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

..or as we say Gleðilig Jól! I have had a busy couple of days. Me and my boyfriend hosted for the first time Christmas at our house. So we have had our hands full with making dinner, deserts and baking + entertaining our family. My father tried for the first time - the Wii! Needless to say he had a great time. I don't need to worry about what to get him for his birthday ;o) 

I must say I have been spoiled rotten this year. I think I got way expensive gift and all gift I wished for! I will post pictures of the gifts on a later date. Today is what we call the 2nd day of Christmas (the 26th of December) we in Europe open our presents on the eve of Christmas (the 24th) - one day before the people in the states - why? I do not know. I have to Google that later. 

I am, as I am writing this, making dinner - sheep meat in a special faroese way - the sheep are slathered and we hang the meat up in a barn like house for about 6 weeks to dry. It's something in the faroese air, I think the salt from the sea that gives the meat a strong smell and taste that most foreigners don't like but it makes our mouths water. I will provide photos later too :o) If only we had smell-o-vision.

Today I have two old OOTD's to show you. It's two laid back outfits that I wore two weeks ago but never posted because I didn't think they were all that special. But I have been a bad blogger these days and haven't been taking photos. But I will take photos of my Christmas outfit today and post them later or tomorrow. Until then hope you are all having a great Christmas :o)

Turquoice top from Vera Moda, old
Purple dress from South, bought from eBay
Black Cardigan from H&M, old
Grey boots from New Look, old

Dusty pink cardigan from Vera Moda, old
Black tank top from Vera Moda, Basic line - the Extra long once
Heart pants from ASOS Curve, on sale!
Bird necklace from a street sale once.


  1. The second outfit look pretty cool, also I love the bird necklace :) Merry belated Christmas!

  2. Thanks Katrin and belated Merry Christmas too you two :o)