Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finding my way back

So I have been major AWOL for over a year - I think it's because I fell in too a depression and it's hard enough too even function on a daily and normal base. But I tried too take some OOTD photos but never posted them. I felt too guilty not being here more regularly.  But I am back and I am fit for fight!

What was my depression about? Last year was the 20th anniversary since my big brother passed away - he got drunk and stole a car that he wrecked and died in. I was only 9 at the time and never really worked on my feelings and emotions regarding the loss of him. And it has been building up too the point where I couldn't function as me but just went on autopilot. I will have too post a photo of him soon - he was a heart-breaker, a really cutie.

But here are some photos of all the looks I have had this year. I've been better at wearing colorful makeup on even a daily base. I have in the middle of all the photos given myself a side cut, not too extreme so I could hide it if I wanted. And too months ago I went too the hairdresser and I asked if she could clean the lines of the cut up and she went cray-cray on me and shaved half of my head. The first photo on the 4th row - I have no idea how too save it, the last photo in the 3rd row was taken the day before the hair cut and I actually like that hair better - well it's hair, it grows back. 

I've had some crazy colors in my hair too. I know - I am turning 30 in a little more than a month and I have too grow up a little.

So What else is new? I got another tattoo - it was done by a local tattoo artist but it's a sketch by Rick Lee. I wanted something with a frame and a deer and I love it!

Shirt - New Look - back in stock now
Tights - We Love Colors
Skirt - New Look - 2012 
Necklace - H&M 2012

Skirt - Asos Curve
Top - Vera Moda XL
Belt - Torrid
Shirt - Asos Curve "classic"

The nailpolish is from MATAS - those small nailpolish bottles
Jacket - 2nd hand from ebay
Scarf - Vera Moda 
Sweater - H&M a wide XL
Jeans - some old pair I've had for years

first photo - me and my hubbie, Sofus
Dress - Asos Curve
Jacket - H&M BiB or +
Leggings - Asos Curve

The last photo is of my husband again
it's the outfit he wore the day we got married. I
don't have a photo of my OOTD on my phone. I will
have too look throw his photos on his phone.
The rest are just photos of what I have been doing this year. I've tried too get out with my friends and have tried too have some good old fun. I've tried too get into a creative mood again and create thing, even If it only was some simple home DIY.
Halloween 2012

a painting / lamp I made with help from my husband

1st photo - star lamp I bought from eBay
2nd photo - my in a purple Asos Curve dress talkin' too friends

A old coffee table got a face lift and some colors

 I had a big bang dinner party for some friends on halloween

 1st - a thrifted photo I painted the frame - and etsy hello + bird
2nd photo - watercolor peacock bird I made
Lion head and old frame I put together - I am not sure 
if I like it like this or it need a little "umpf"

a watercolor photo of the Faroe Islands nature

silly photo from the Big Bang Night

My dog trying too cheer me on a bad day

A make up look I did for a competition my local Make Up Store had
and I won - we were 5 winners *yeah!*

This is all for now dear reader - but I think I may have gone photo crazy for this blog post. But I prommise I will be better of posting more often. Maybe starting some weekly post so I have a deadline to stick too. Get sum struktur back in my life.


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